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Our Policy

Please allow up to two weeks for delivery. If for some reason you need expedited shipping, please contact us to make arrangements!

As for returns, as you can imagine, we cannot process returns for live seeds, but will be happy to make exchanges in a hurry should we make an error in fullfillment of your order.

All the members of the Cooperative want you to be successful planting our Florida native seeds. Please see our Planting page for helpful suggestions on getting the most from your wildflower gardening experience.

Show your support for Florida's wildflowers! Get the wildflower tag.

The $15 donation you make when purchasing the State Wildflower license plate sponsors native wildflower research, planting and education throughout Florida. Click here to purchase the State Wildflower license tag and find out more about it.

See how Sunshine Mimosa covers a lot of ground.

Learn how Golden Mane Tickseed can brighten your roadsides.