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Member growers are required to grow certified native seed that originated in the state of Florida. The certification process is done through the Southern Seed Certification Agency.

Growers are required to have a minimum of 1 acre in production and produce for sale a minimum of 25 pounds per year. New growers are allowed to meet the minimum 25 pounds of seed required of grower members. As a Cooperative member, growers will be required to sell 80% of their seed through the Association.

Membership dues for growers are $500 and ex-officio members (advisors) are $100.

To become a member, complete the membership application and mail to corporate headquarters:
Wildflower Seed and Plant Growers Association, Inc.
Attn: Membership
P.O. Box 776
Crescent City, Florida 32112
Telephone: (352) 988-8117, Email: businessmanager@floridawildflowers.com


Brian Crews, Crews Farms, Lake City
Janie Harris, Grower, Lake George
J.R. Newbold III, Forest Groves Inc., Crescent City
Terry Zinn, Wildflowers of Florida Inc., Alachua

Associate Growers

Joe Reams, Southern Habitats, Greenville
Dave Chiappini, Chiappini Native Nursery, Melrose
Ernst Conservation Seeds
Claudia Larsen, Micanopy Wildflowers, Micanopy



Gary Henry
Anne MacKay
Lisa Roberts, Executive Director, Florida Wildflower Foundation Inc.


State wildflower license plate

Show your support for Florida's wildflowers! Get the wildflower tag.

The $15 donation you make when purchasing the State Wildflower license plate sponsors native wildflower research, planting and education throughout Florida. Click here to purchase the State Wildflower license tag and find out more about it.

See how Sunshine Mimosa covers a lot of ground.

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