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Bulk Seeds Available

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About Bulk Seeds

We offer bulk seeds three ways: (1) By Species, (2) Standard Mixes which are primarily Florida Ecotypes, and (3) a variety of Southeast Region Mixes.

Availability of mixes and individual species will vary depending on yield and demand. Seed quantities available also vary due to harvest conditions. The standard mixes are very popular but usually they are in good supply, so standard mixes do not tend to sell out as fast as individual species, whose supplies typically are much more limited. 

Order your seed as soon as you know what mixes and species you need for your planting!

eelliottiseedheads.jpgSome seed species are available in quantities of less than one pound. Please contact us for information and pricing.

Bulk Seeds by Species

Florida Ecotype Seed Mixes

Southeast Region Seed Mixes

What is an ecotype?

Ecotypes are populations that have adapted to the local environmental conditons and would be expected to be perfrom better and be more sustainable under those local conditions compared to plants not adpated to that environment. Local can refer to a very small area, such as an acre, or a much larger regional scale.  When purchasing seeds, try to match your location as best as possible to the origin of the plants from which the seeds were derived. For example, Florida ecotypes would be expected to perform better under Florida conditions than North Carolina ecotypes.

Bulk Seed vs. Pure Live Seed (PLS)*

A bag of seeds contains viable seeds, inert matter (nonviable seeds, as well as pieces of leaves, stems, and flowers), and possibly even some viable weed seeds. The total contents of the bag are referred to as "bulk seed". The amount of Pure Live Seed(s) in a bag is a function of vaibilty and purity, and is based on weight. However, since the percentage of viable seeds is determined under laboratory conditions, it is unlikely under field conditions that all viable seeds will germinate and develop into mature plants.

For example, there are 81 lb PLS in a 100 lb bag of bulk seed that has 90% pure seeds, with the pure seeds being 90% viable (81 = [100 X 90 X 90] / 10,000).

The bulk seed weight in the bag, % purity, % germination, and % dormant (or hard) seeds should be on the seed label. The total percent viable seeds might also be listed on the label; if listed, simply use it in the PLS equation.


*Norcini, J.G., A.L. Frances, and C.R. Adams. 2009. Establishment of lanceleaf tickseed (Coreopsis lanceolata) in roadside right-of-ways. Florida Cooperative Extension Service Publication ENH1103.


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